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After TwentyForty

This is where you will be continuing on with those healthy habits you created during your time on the TwentyForty Drops protocol and in the Maintain Phase.

Here it is all about finding your new normal and discovering the foods that work best for your body. Foods that you can continue eating in your daily life outside of the TwentyForty life while still maintaining your new weight. Your body will soon let you know which foods it can handle well and which foods don’t work.

Once your new weight has stabilised then you can begin your new healthy habits. With your weight normal fluctuations are fine and for women monthly fluctuations are fine too. You can expect to fluctuate between 1-2 kg due to water.

Now it is really about learning to eat a normal and healthy diet and still maintain your new weight. It is all about slowly adding in some healthier good carbs and starches back into your eating.

We at TwentyForty are always here to have a chat with you to keep you on the right track moving forward. We also have plenty of information and recipes that will make sure you stay healthy! Check out our 5 Simple Healthy Recipes for meals you can make for you, your family and friends.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us!

Email us at hello@twentyfortydrops.com.au or free phone us on 1800 40 44 20

Health and Happiness, 
Matt & Grace