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Here we understand that you are ready to let go of the weight you have been holding on to. That you want to work with your body and not against it. But that can be hard, especially alone. That's why we are here to support you!

Nearly a decade ago, a beautiful couple named Dee and Graeme Jordan introduced New Zealand to a pure, natural and authentic weight loss program. They had tried and tested these drops and shared their stories, real and raw with no gloss. They have since helped hundreds of Kiwis feel and look amazing by losing excess weight and keeping it off.

My name is Matt Jordan, and I am their son. Grace & Matt - Bringing TwentyForty Drops to AustraliaI now live in Melbourne with my partner Grace, and after watching my parents help so many people live happier and healthier lives in my home country, we are now ready to bring the magic of TwentyForty to Australia.

Our family believes in the best quality products and the natural approach. We don’t believe in diluting our product or our messages with anything other than what works.

The all natural TwentyForty drops and protocol is a system for releasing unwanted weight in your body quickly and easily. Our systems and community support groups will ensure that you reach your goal and maintain your success.

We source quality PURE.NATURAL.AUTHENTIC. products that enhance this experience and bring about physical transformations into who you always knew you were inside.

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Read Graeme and Dee's personal weight loss journeys here

We are so excited to be a part of your amazing journey.

Health and Happiness, 
Matt & Grace