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One of our favourite parts of our 3 phase protocol is the 3rd. Maintain. Unlike many other weight loss programs, we don’t leave you high and dry once you’ve lost the weight. You have our full support even after you’ve completed our protocol.

We have unique maintenance drops to stabilise your new weight, and heaps of resources and supports to give you the tools to build healthy habits that last a lifetime. TwentyForty Drops is about making a lifelong commitment to yourself, to be the healthiest version of yourself physically and mentally.

Here at TwentyForty, we strive to help people transform their lives for the better.

TwentyForty Maintain

Here we share stories of real people, who have followed the TwentyForty Protocol, TwentyForty Maintain and who are still maintaining. People who have changed their health and their lives for good.

After completing the Protocol and Maintain Plan (Phase 3) you enter Phase 4 which is all about finding your new normal and discovering the foods that work best for your body. Foods that you can continue eating in your daily life outside of the TwentyForty life while still maintaining your new weight. Your body will soon let you know which foods it can handle well and which foods don’t work.

If you have followed Phase 3 correctly and your new weight has stabilised then you can begin Phase 4. With your weight normal fluctuations are fine and for women monthly fluctuations are fine too. You can expect to fluctuate between 1-2 kg due to water.

Phase 4 is really about learning to eat a normal and healthy diet and still maintain your new weight. It is weight maintenance or weight management and is all about slowly adding in some healthier good carbs and starches back into your eating. This is possible for everyone!

You may find googling recipes with these key words helpful in your search: clean eating, paleo, paleo recipes, primal recipes and grain free recipes.

We at TwentyForty are always adding more information for Phase 4 and you can read more information here on our Taste page.

Health and Happiness,
Matt & Grace

Maintenance Story's and Tips Below

Graeme's Maintenance Story

Graeme Maintaining

Here is Graeme still maintaining after doing TwentyForty and TwentyForty Maintain

"After completing my first round of Twenty Forty and losing 17.4 kgs in 38 days I followed the TwentyForty Maintain Plan. Then when I went into Phase 4 I found I could still maintain with a few tweaks. Here are my main principles for Phase 4 eating which helped me and may help keep you inspired and on track too.

Forget about eating any processed foods until your weight is really where you want it to be. By this I mean when you have done enough TwentyForty rounds to get to a comfortable weight that works well for you. I found that every time I strayed and ate processed foods I felt really tired and my energy levels plummeted but when I stuck to some healthier options I noticed my body had a lot more energy. My mind was sharper and my weight stayed in a good range.

Ditch the sugar thing and go for healthy sugars:
Sugar has a lot to answer for and especially sugars that are hidden in our foods. I found after TwentyForty my sugar cravings had gone and the only sugars I am tempted for now are those ones in dried fruit and fresh fruit. I love the sweet taste of cranberries which I add into my bowl of nuts as a snack or through my porridge for breakfast. I have to be honest and share that I have had the occasional sweet treat or cake but because this is usually once in a blue moon my body seems ok with this. Remember everyone is different and some people have shared they have eaten certain foods with small amounts of sugar and been fine with this, while others eat some and it completely knocks their bodies around putting them out of sync for a while. Using stevia or honey as a substitute is a healthy choice to make.

Slowly introduce healthy starches:
I slowly introduced some healthy starches that I wasn’t eating before into my meals to see how these affected my weight. I started with very small portions of sweet potato and pumpkin and these were ok. I would only eat these sparingly as I found when I started eating them often the scales would soon let me know!

Organic oatmeal works well for me as a breakfast option and once again I vary this so I am not eating it every day. For example, some mornings I have eggs or an omelette and the next oatmeal. On other days fresh fruit works for me with Greek yoghurt and cinnamon on top.

The key I have found with maintaining my weight is keeping an eye on the scales. I always get back on track again by eating more of the foods I ate during TwentyForty and found keep me at a healthy weight. It is completely normal for every body’s weight to fluctuate 1–2 kg due to water so don’t worry if you experience this normal fluctuation.

Also, I need to stress that Phase 3 is highly individual and depending on what else you do will give you a guide to what you can eat.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is my age?
  • What is my unique genetic makeup?
  • What activity or exercise am I currently doing?
  • If you are a woman ask yourself:
  • Is my thyroid working properly? Am I going through menopause? (These are two important questions to check as many women struggle with their weight during menopause. The TwentyForty Protocol really helps them lose that extra weight but once they go back into Phase 4 eating they find they need to be stricter around their food choices to keep their new weight more stable.)

The biggest thing I have found on my journey is that after losing the weight, maintaining and being in Phase 4, I have never counted calories again which is fantastic. The whole way I think about food has changed for the better and my body really does know what food works and what doesn’t. I am more tuned into what I am eating and find myself stopping, thinking and making healthy choices instead of eating for the sake of eating and this is definitely an achievable goal for everyone.

A lot of weight loss programs out there are only band aids and really don’t fix the underlying problems of breaking bad habits and this is where the TwentyForty Protocol is so different. However it does require focus and dedication to get there. It is not a diet, it is Protocol, a highly effective treatment for weight loss and obesity. If you have been through Phase 1 and Phase 2 and are entering Phase 3, which is the Maintenance Phase, then say hello to TwentyForty Maintain! The only natural Maintenance Protocol which can seriously help you through this important transition phase."

- Graeme

Brent's Maintenance Story

Brent Maintaining

Brent maintaining after the TwentyForty Protocol and TwentyForty Maintain

"After completing a 40 day of TwentyForty Drops with great results, we just didn’t want to go back to our old ways. We found out that at our age, the body was not going to keep up with us eating and drinking crap, so...FOOD became the priority for Brenda and I. We learnt more about good nutrition and started an exercise program to build muscle and endurance.

Sugar free and carbs only after exercise is the general rule!

We do 2 H.I.I.T. (high intensity, interval training) plus 1 upper body, and 1 lower body workouts per week. (4 hours of training). There are some supplements we use but they aren't specific to any shortfall we have at this time.

As you can see by the photo, it’s great to be 61!

Brent Lifting and Maintaining

It’s never to late, just set a 2 year goal, do the mahi (work), and enjoy the results. Why do we do this? We have a 20 year goal to be snowboarding in Japan (or anywhere else). If you need a reason why, go to a local hospital and sit and watch for a while... Lets all be healthy together😊"

- Brent