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Phase 2 let’s go!

Welcome to Phase 2! You are here now as you have been feasting over the past two whole days, eating and drinking what you want to and you have loaded your body with all the right stuff it needs. This may seem like a strange way to begin your journey to a healthier you but it is critical in setting a solid foundation to start Phase 2. Now let’s get onto the best part and the most exciting part of the protocol which is called Phase 2.

So what is Phase 2 really about?
Here’s all the nitty gritty that you need to know. On the TwentyForty protocol this is called VLCD which means very low calorie detox. This is where you start eating 500 calories a day of allowed foods which are made up of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, salad, a few carbs and of course lot's of h20 water! Throw in some coffee and tea, all in the right amounts, and hey presto you are on your own personal TwentyForty magical journey. Remember that’s exactly what it is, YOUR journey no one else’s, so don’t become a comparison King or Queen as everyone is different.

Feeling a little nervous?
We totally get it as we have been where you are right now at the very beginning and wondering if this detox thing is really going to work for you. Well my friends, it will work if you stick with it but also you need to be gentle on yourself and acknowledge yourself along the way.

We will be honest with you, Phase 2 is tough as you are heading into a whole new territory of eating. Maybe for a lot of you this is really foreign and totally off the radar from your normal way of eating and drinking. Depending on how much weight you need to lose you will be in Phase 2 for 20 days if you only need to lose up to 10kgs or 40 days if you need to lose more than 10kgs.

If you have done 40 days and need to lose more weight then you need to take a break for 6 weeks and then do another round. WHY? This is as your body will have built up a resistance to the TwentyForty Drops and by having a break your new weight has time to stabilize properly and then you can hit the restart button again.

Phase 2 Basics

Every day you need to take your drops 3 times as instructed. It is really important to follow the instructions and to not eat or drink 15 minutes either side of taking the drops. This is so they can get into your system and start working their magic.

Weigh yourself every morning and record it in your TwentyForty Protocol book. Also it is really important to take your measurements each week and make a note as sometimes you weight loss may not be showing much but your measurements will be changing.

Phase 2 must do’s and some don’t do’s

Protein - It is really important to make sure you remove all of the fat from your protein and make sure it weighs out to 100grams as this is your protein allowance for lunch and dinner.

Water - A vital key to your success is to make sure you are drinking all of your 3L water allowance every day. If you are not a water drinker this is a bit of a shock to the system but once you start doing it you will get into the habit and your body will love you for it even after your cleanse is over!

Drinking all of this water is so important because within your body there are a lot of stored toxins and stubborn fat which you have been hanging onto for years. You must drink enough water during your course of TwentyForty to help your body deal with this. Drinking plenty of h20 will flush out the stored toxins and stubborn fat and then it will sit in the pockets where the stubborn fat was until your body redistributes the good fat.

Menstruation - Some woman find they can carry on taking TwentyForty drops during this time with no effects to their weight loss. These women need to up their vitamin C intake by eating oranges and also make sure they are eating more protein which contains iron like steak and cut back on their water.

Others have found they need to stop during the heaviest flow which is normally between 1-2 days and then restart again when it becomes lighter. They must also make sure they are eating more of the types of foods stated above.

Eating Fruit Allowance for Breakfast - Yes this is something you can do if you feel you really need to have something for breakfast. So it is really just breaking up your 2 main meals which is lunch and dinner and having them as part of your breakfast. Make sure you save some of your fruit for a snack later in the day. We feel that if you make any alterations to the protocol the scales will soon let you know and this is why is it vital to weigh every day and keep in touch!

Always Eat Your Protein Allowance - When you are eating 500 calories it is so important to make sure you always eat your protein servings at lunch and dinner. Part of these meals are made up of your fresh salad or vegetable allowance and sometimes we have found people are feeling too full to eat all of it. If you do feel this way make sure you devour the protein and eat as much of the salad or vegetables as you can. The reason for this is the magic of TwentyForty. When you take the pure, natural drops you will not feel hungry.

The only reason you will feel hungry is if you have cheated and eaten some carbs as this releases into your bloodstream and stirs hunger again. If you do cheat like this it will take at least 3 days to get back on track with your weight loss.

Sugar and TwentyForty - Sugar is the big bad wolf on TwentyForty and a big no no as it will totally stall you out and put a stop to you succeeding on this plan. If you have always used sugar and feel you need something sweet then please check out a great natural alternative called Stevia. You can Stevia at your local supermarket, health shop or fruit store. Another way to help your sweet tooth is to investigate some herbal teas which offer a sweet sensation like liquorice.

After you have been on TwentyForty for a while you will find that you won’t crave sugar as much and you don’t really miss it. It is amazing how your taste buds can change during the time of the protocol and you will become more aware of the foods you should and shouldn’t eat especially when you hit Maintenance.

Mixing Vegetables - Dr Simeons did not say why vegetables should not be mixed but what we have found out after helping so many people and talking with Dr Monica Lewis is that it is OK to mix vegetables. The main secret here is to make sure you weigh out what you need so you are eating the right amount at each serving. A lot of salad vegetables like lettuce and cucumber have a lot of water anyway.

Eating Fruits with Proteins is NOT Allowed - It is best to have your fruit separately and keep your protein for your lunch and dinner meals. Some people add their strawberries to their salads but really this is just out of boredom and wanting to do something different. It won’t help with your weight loss so stick with having your fruit before or after your main meals.

Exercise is Something You Don’t Need to Do - If you are an active person then something light to moderate like walking or yoga is perfect. If you over exercise and do hard out running or weights then your body will start holding onto the stubborn fat as it thinks you will need it. When you finish Phase 2 and go into Maintenance you can start doing exercise again and also you probably will feel like getting into it. We have a lot of resources around helping you through Maintenance and getting back into some form of exercise.

Apple Day - This is a life saver of Phase 2! This is only to be done if your weight stalls out for 4 days in a row. The full details are explained in our protocol. What you need to do is weigh yourself as usual in the morning and if you find that your weight has stalled out then start immediately on the apple day. This involves eating only 6 large apples starting from 12pm that day and finishing at 12pm the following day.

Remember to not drink any of your water allowance and only drink water to quench your thirst. No tea or coffee is allowed during the apple day. By doing this your weight loss will kick start again as by eating apples only it will help your body get rid of any excess water you are holding on to and also it will make you feel emotionally lighter and not be worrying that you have not been losing weight.

Also remember this is all normal and most people experience a stall at some time during TwentyForty. A lot of this is due to the body holding on to more water and another thing we have found is that sometimes people have been at the weight they have stalled at one time in their life and their body has a memory of this. The apple day awakens the body helping it get past this set point.

Phase 2 Break - This is when something may come up for you and you can’t carry on with TwentyForty. You can take a break but for no more than 2 weeks if this does happen and normally only after you have been following the protocol for at least a week. Otherwise you will regain all the weight you have lost during that time and have to start again anyway. If you do need to take this break then you will need to follow the instructions as if you are finishing Phase 2. Then follow the Maintenance for the time you are off. When you are ready to start Phase 2 again you will NOT need to do the loading phase again. Simply just start back taking TwentyForty along with the VLCD until you have finished your round.

Oils and Makeup - You need to be really careful around this. The skin is the largest organ of the body and during TwentyForty your body is a lot more sensitive to any fats and oils. Your weight loss will be really interrupted if you put any of these onto your body. I must say again everyone is different here and one lady I knew who did massage lost an amazing lot of weight while she carried on massaging her clients but she only used organic coconut oil. I think once again the scales will soon let you know if you wander and use products containing fats and oils on your skin.

Allowed Food Choices

Fruits - Choose 2 each a day

  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Orange
  • 1 handful of strawberries
  • ½ grapefruit


  • 1 Grissini Stick or 2 Vita wheat crackers or Ryvita


  • Asparagus
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Chicory
  • Chard
  • Cucumber
  • Fennel
  • Any lettuce
  • Onions
  • Radishes
  • Spinach
  • Silverbeet
  • Tomatoes
  • Beet greens

Protein - 100 grams for lunch or dinner of very lean protein is allowed

  • Chicken breast
  • Veal
  • Steak or venison
  • White fish
  • Crayfish
  • Shrimp
  • Prawn

* Note: Instead of eating from the list above you can replace it with 100 grams of fat free cottage cheese or 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites

There may be some random foods that are not on the list that you want to try and if you do it is best to check in with us and then if you do have them the scales will soon let you know if they are not right.

Our full protocol holds the exact calories and allowances for all your proteins, carbs and fruits. We have lots of info on all of the above so feel free to trawl through and absorb all the information we share or contact us for a chat.

Phase 2 Life Lines

Your magical tool kit is here to make Phase 2 easier

Teas and Tea Drinking - This is one of our favourite things to do during Phase 2. Not only do you get to try so many delicious flavours which will explode your tastebuds but it energises you as well. Now days there are so many awesome teas available at your local supermarket or fruit store but if you are lucky enough to live near a T2 store then you have will be in heaven!

Check out this link to find out all the teas they have which will hit all the right spots

Coffee - Organic is the best but coffee is coffee and once again there is so much out there it will blow your mind. Start trawling through your supermarket and local fruit stores and read some labels. Visit some awesome local cafes and give them a whirl! Experiment with different flavours until you find your faves.

Stevia - A must if you are craving a little sweetness. Also try our secret weapon a little herbal liquorice tea!

Make sure you follow your protocol and talk to us if you need too!

Health and Happiness,
Matt & Grace